Raffaella, prefers plumbing the darker, more sexually frank, and sordid side of rock. IN MY MIND, the follow-up to 2005's COSA SEMBRA, revels in back-alley moodiness, borrowing the atmosphere of trip-hop but spiking it regularly with loud outbursts of guitar and drum tumult. "In My Mind" rides a jazzy, swinging drumbeat, while electric violin colors "Quello Che Sembra." Unifying it all are Raffaella's intensely felt vocals. Pivirama songs are very dark, eclectic, and dissident. The band is tight and the powerful rhythm section in particular serves as a nice backbone for the anxious and uncertain soundscapes that the music paints as a whole. "I Love U" and "In My Mind" border on avant garde rock which is cool; they are songs geared for the more sophisticated ear…but both have alternative radio potential. "Quello Che Sembra" is in many ways the standout track because of its soft, sexy, yearning, and catchy melody. The music on "Quello Che Sembra" is sleek and passionate; the band really struts its stuff and the violin really works as a pretty embellishment upon the prowess of the band..

Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/pivirama

Genre: Alternative, Rock

Band members:

  • raffaella daino
  • renz barbara
  • lucilla le donne
  • andrea merli

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